Work for Free? Sure…Why Not?

So, per usual, the job search continues. I am still tinkering with the video résumé, which I will hopefully have completed tonight. I mentioned in my test video on Wednesday that I was looking into some volunteer activities, and that many of the non-profits I sought out did not have any volunteer opportunities available. That was error #1 right there, as valuable experience does not come just from big-name organizations like Ronald McDonald House. I should have either started small, or found a more concentrated gathering of volunteer ops to see what was really out there.

As such, I signed up at a website called VolunteerMatch, and I was amazed at the plethora of volunteer opportunities available! I have sent several inquiries to organizations who were looking for HR assistants, administrative assistants, research assistants and so forth. Hopefully I will get a bite or two (or twelve :lol:), and I will not only gain some relevant experience, I can also support a worthy cause.

Oh, and if there’s free coffee, then I am totally sold. XD



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