New Month, New Stuff

Now that we are in a new month, I am excited about one very important thing:


The biggest thing about which I was most excited was the addition of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – THE 1978 SERIES! I nearly passed out from multiple nerdgasms when I saw it in my feed!


I had only seen a few episodes of the show in my life, but now that all 24 episodes of that first and only season are available, I can binge watch to my heart’s content…or failure…whatever! I started last night, but I won’t be resuming until later tonight after I come from my volunteering event.

Some of you may remember that I was contemplating getting into some volunteer stuff. Well, interestingly, Ronald McDonald House contacted me earlier this week (after having not heard anything since June) for an event that they are having today called “Pulling for the House.” I’m going to be helping with the raffle, and watching some strong guys and girls…and guys…



pull trucks for charity. Oh, and there will be food! Yay!

*runs off to get ready, as it’s quite a journey*


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