Be a Blessing.

So, among the things that happened during my month-long hiatus from blogging, something did happen that was actually a bona fide “feel good moment.” I posted this story on Facebook, but as I know that many of you are not my FB friends (sorry, but I have to maintain my super secret spy bubble), I feel that it would be kinda neat to share what happened with you.

On August 20th, while boarding the Metra train to Naperville at Chicago Union Station, I overheard a young lady on the phone who was in a panic because she had forgotten to purchase her ticket at the credit card ticket vending machine, and she didn’t have cash for the train, nor did she have time to alight to purchase a ticket. She was super worried that she would be removed from the train. So, I gave her $10 to pay her fare. When I handed her the bill, she looked like she was about to cry, and thanked me profusely. I told her no problem and went back to my seat to commence drinking my Corner Bakery Truffle Mocha (*OMGSODAMNGOOD*) and watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix (don’t judge me) as I made my way to Downers Grove.

A few minutes later, she comes to where I’m sitting, gives me the change from the $10, and thanks me again and asks how she can pay me back. I tell her not to worry about it and that I was glad to help her. She insists that I give her my number so she can get my address and send me the $. I acquiesce, as clearly this little woman is not going to give up. She tells me her name is Caitlin, and I tell her mine. About an hour later, I receive a text from Caitlin, and I give her my full name and address per her request and wish her a great day.

Fast forward to Friday, August 22nd, and I come home after quitting one of the most horrendous gigs I have ever worked, and I receive a letter from Caitlin and $20 in it. I had completely forgotten that she said that she was going to send me $, as I honestly didn’t expect her to – not because of my ever-skeptical faith in human beings’ ability to keep their word, but because I had other things on my mind and I’m sure she did, too. However, to come home to this after such a sucktastic day made me feel good.


Moral of this story: Be a blessing. Oh, and Corner Bakery Truffle Mochas are the SHIT!! 😎


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